10 Great Reasons to Use a PDF Editor for Your Business

PDFs are everywhere. If you run a business, chances are good that you work with them on a regular basis. They’re a great way to share documents and information electronically without worrying about format issues or compatibility problems. And if you need to make any changes to a PDF, all you need is a PDF editor. Here are 10 ways that a PDF editor can benefit your business.

Reasons to Use a PDF Editor for Your Business

1. Make changes to PDFs without the original source document: Sometimes, you’ll get a PDF from someone else that you need to make changes to, but you don’t have the original source document. With a PDF editor, you can make those changes without having to track down the person who created the document in the first place.

2. Fill out forms electronically: If you have forms that need to be filled out electronically, a PDF editor can be a huge time-saver. You can fill out the form once, save it, and then reuse it whenever you need it. This is especially helpful if you have forms that need to be filled out by multiple people. 

3. Annotate documents: Need to make comments or ask questions about a document? A PDF editor lets you add annotations directly onto the document itself. This can be a great way to collaborate on documents with team members or clients who are not in the same location as you are. 

4. Merge multiple documents into one PDF: Have several different documents that you need to put together into one neat package? A PDF editor can help with that too! Just select the files you want to merge, and voila! – they’re all combined into a single PDF file. 

5. Convert other types of files into PDFs: Not everything you need to work with will come to you in PDF form. But with a PDF editor, converting other types of files into PDFs is easy peasy! Just select the file type you want to convert from and let the software do its thing. In no time at all, you’ll have a brand-new PDF ready to work with. 

6. Split up large PDFs into smaller files: Got a massive PDF file that’s just too unwieldy to deal with? No problem! A good PDF editor will let you split up that big file into smaller chunks that are much more manageable – and much easier to email! 

7. Extract pages from existing pdf: On the flip side, sometimes you may have a pdf that’s mostly relevant but has one or two pages that don’t pertain to your needs – or maybe there’s just one page that you need separately from the rest of the document. 

8. Rotate pages within a file: Did someone send you a file that’s been scanned sideways or upside down? Not a problem! With a PDF Editor, you can easily rotate individual pages until they’re right-side up again so you can actually read them! 

9. Add Watermarks for security or branding purposes: Need to add your company logo or “Confidential” watermark to your document before sharing it with anyone? A PDFPdfEditorcan help with that too! Justselectwhereyou wants the watermark to appear in the document and what text or image you want to use for it — then let the software do the rest.

10. Remove sensitive information before sharing: If you have documentation that contains information that shouldn’t be shared with just anyone—like social security numbers or email addresses.

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