2 Best Methods for Converting EML to PST

Because there are so many email clients on the market, users frequently switch from one to the next. Email conversion is required in this scenario in order to access emails from other email clients. Many people are looking for a way for converting EML to PST files.

Today, this article is about how to convert EML to PST with a valid solution.

Let’s take a look at both the.eml and.pst file formats before we get into the various methods for exporting.eml to.pst.

Examine the EML and PST File Formats.

EML is a widely used file format for storing individual email messages, including sender and recipient information. It divides data into two sections: headers (to, from, subject, cc, and bcc) and body (content, inline images, attachments, and hyperlinks).

The PST (Personal Storage Table) is a Microsoft Outlook file that stores the contents of your mailbox as well as its properties. This format differs from EML in that it stores a large number of emails in a single file with a mailbox structure that is appropriate for them.

Why is it Necessary to Convert EML to PST?

Many reasons exist for converting EML to PST. Among them are:

  • The EML file was easily corrupted.
  • EML saves individual emails, making it difficult to manage mailbox data.

Have an orphan EML file that you’d like to open in Outlook?

EML to PST Conversion Methods with Attachments

  • #1. Outlook Manual Conversion
  • #2. EML Converter for Conversion

Experts have tested both of the methods mentioned above. Stay with us as we go over both methods in detail, so you can learn how to convert EML to PST with attachments quickly.

Method 1: Using a Manual Approach to Converting EML to PST

This method allows users to convert.eml to.pst in three stages. The user must first import the EML file into Thunderbird, then set up this email client in Gmail (or another cloud email server), and then set up their Gmail account in Outlook. Let’s take this process one step at a time.

Stage 1: Open Thunderbird and Import the EML File.

  • On your computer, launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Using the Add-On option, install ImportExport Tool NG.
  • Right-click the Local folder and select ImportExport Tool NG from the context menu.
  • Finally, Select the Import message option, then browse for and select the EML file you want to export, then click the Open button.
  • Now that you’ve successfully imported EML into Thunderbird, it’ll appear in the Local Folder.

Stage 2: Integrate Thunderbird with Gmail

(Note: Create a new Gmail account and enable the IMAP setting while doing so before beginning this process.)

  • On your computer, create a Thunderbird account.
  • Now select Add >> Existing Account from the gear menu.
  • Click the Continue button after entering your login id and password.

Both of your accounts are now set up.

Stage 3: Export an EML File from Outlook to Gmail.

  • Open Outlook and select the gear icon from the menu bar.
  • Add an account and fill in your Gmail account information.
  • Select the File option after both accounts have been configured.
  • Next, select ImportExport >> Export a file from the ImportExport menu.
  • Click the Next button after selecting Outlook File(.pst).
  • Select the desired location and click the Finish button.

You have successfully converted EML to PST with attachments after completing the conversion process.

The Manual Method’s Limitations

Using a manual method to export email files is risky, and it comes with some limitations. The following are a few of them:

  • It’s a time-consuming and difficult process.
  • The conversion will require technical assistance for inexperienced users.
  • There’s a good chance that data will be lost or corrupted.
  • To export multiple.eml files, the user must repeat the process described above.
  • To get around these limitations, the user will need to use a professional tool that can convert both single and multiple EML files in one go. We will discuss such a tool in the following section.

Method 2: Use a Professional Tool for Converting EML to PST.

Because the file format conversion process involves some sensitive information, it is highly recommended that you use an efficient and dependable tool to complete the task correctly. EML Converter is one such tool that converts.eml files or folders in one go without losing data.


Many email clients, it goes without saying, support EML for storing email data. And, at some point, the user might consider switching from one email client to another. The conversion from EML to PST is required in this case. As a result, it is recommended that you use the best tool to export.eml files so that you can open them in Outlook with ease.

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