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AdvancedMD EHR vs Sammy EHR: Which One Gets Along With Your Needs?

In the EHR market, there’s an endless variety of clinical solutions. Some vendors offer specialty-specific functionalities, whereas the rest offer multi-specialty services. Both EHR types have special significance associated with them. All multi-specialty solutions can be implemented in specialty-specific practices, but not all specialty-specific vendors can be implemented in all healthcare practices. It is because all medical practices have differing needs and thus need a solution that suits them well.

Here we will elaborate on the difference in the feature sets of both EHR types using AdvancedMD EHR and Sammy EHR software. Sammy is a podiatry-specific EHR platform, and AdvancedMD is an integrated medical billing platform that caters to multiple specialties. Let’s see how these opposites work in real-time healthcare settings in this AdvancedMD vs Sammy guide. We will start this AdvancedMD vs Sammy EHR comparison by exploring the feature range, and then we will move toward the pricing and reviews of both solutions.

AdvancedMD EHR Features:

Practice Management:

The PM module of AdvancedMD EHR software is a comprehensive one. It manages the business side of practices by integrating workflow featuring a suite of automated tools. This solution nurtures a positive staff experience by simplifying the workload of front-end desk managers. In addition, the solution drives enhanced billing and scheduling outcomes with best-in-class revenue cycle management and appointment scheduling modules.

EHR Overview:

AdvancedMD EHR comes with an extensive EHR module for a low cost. Its EHR module is not just about managing patient records. It unifies the entire patient database by going paperless. There are services like task donuts., task donuts, patient cards, and ECPS, along with CQM reporting and clinical decision support. It is so that all medical practitioners can seek guidance for tackling intricate patient cases. Patient rooming and immunization reporting features are also available for multi-provider practices.


Handling the billing cycle of multi-provider healthcare practices is not so easy. Finance managers have to take in one invoice after the other; thus, invoices and claims are prone to errors. AdvancedMD EHR software helps in this context by featuring a solid billing module. In addition, with services like an integrated clearinghouse, claims centers, and A/R control center, managing bills and claims is way easier. Besides that, there are Credit card processing and statement mailing services to handle heavy patient volume smoothly.

AdvancedMD EHR Cost:

The cost structure of AdvancedMD reveals its true nature. AdvancedMD EHR software indicates that it genuinely cares for all sized medical practices regardless of the specialty practices. The vendor offers two kinds of pricing bundles. The pre-built cost bundles of AdvancedMD are heavily priced, but that’s not an issue, as providers can opt for configured bundles. The range of the pre-configured cost packages of AdvancedMD is $429 to $729 per month. There’s even a per encounter cost facility for all AdvancedMD users ranging from $1.442 to $2.18.

AdvancedMD EHR Reviews:

In this AdvancedMD vs Sammy guide, we learned that clients using AdvancedMD EHR leave satisfactory reviews, saying it charges a minuscule compared to other vendors. The patient education resources of this vendor result in improved care outcomes. In the reviews of AdvancedMD, clinicians say that they don’t have to flip back and forth searching for the patient record. Besides that, reviews depict that AdvancedMD EHR has liberated the care providers. According to the reviews, care records are more accessible, and bills are easily manageable with AdvancedMD EHR.

Sammy EHR Features:

EHR Overview:

Sammy EHR features a robust EHR management module. It lacks advanced tools like task donuts, physicians dashboard, etc., but still works flawlessly. As podiatrists have to deal with tendons and muscles, SammyEHR reviews illustrate that it allows for attaching imaging and ultrasound reports to patient charts. This way, providers can quickly glance at patient history with minimal clicks.

Practice Management:

Managing podiatry workflow can be hard at times, and thus SammyEHR features a convenient dashboard. It adapts to podiatrists’ personalized needs, presenting all crucial details at a centralized place. It helps with better workflow management as the daily tasks are mentioned in the view chores list. There’s even an appointment scheduler that sets appointments according to the time slots. The patient demographic service also helps front-desk managers with patient intakes.


The billing services of SammyEHR make the investors’ pricing worth it. It shapes the billing workflow by tackling all the challenges and mitigating them from the ground up. Creating and sharing invoices is a child’s play with SammyEHR as it features intuitive billing services. There are even claims handling services paired with pre-service insurance eligibility checks. It helps keep denials to a minimum. These features of SammyEHR remove the need to hire expert administrators, reducing the workload of clinical staff and thus saving revenue.

SammyEHR Pricing:

The pricing structure of SammyEHR is backed by a monthly subscription per user. Most clients say that the pricing structure of SammyEHR is quite interesting. The vendor charges nothing more than $359 but offers the best-of-al services to manage clinical workflow in this range. No other podiatry solutions offer such all-inclusive pricing bundles as SammyEHR does. SammyEHR also provides customized pricing quotes for podiatry practices. Users have to send requests to get a specialized quote.

Sammy EHR Reviews:

Now is the time to evaluate the reviews of SammyEHR in this AdvancedMD vs Sammy software guide. Customers state that the vendor provides them with top-grade care services. There’s no doubt in its excellence. The task management service of SammyEHR is lit and is highly praised in the reviews. Furthermore, the reviews of SammyEHR depict that the customer support offered by SammyEHR is appreciable. The support team is highly responsive. Additionally, the innovative features of SammyEHR have caught the attention of podiatrists.

Ending Ment:

So, this AdvancedMD EHR vs Sammy EHR guide shows that there’s undoubtedly a difference in the feature range of specialty-specific and multi-specialty solutions. For instance, AdvancedMD EHR software provides a more innovative and impressive feature set. It taps into the full potential of practitioners by simplifying and managing clinical operations effortlessly. As for SammyEHR, the reviews depict that its feature portfolio is limited to podiatrists. It is designed on a podiatry interface and allows attaching ultrasound records to patient progress notes. What’s more, it comes with built-in podiatry-specific medical codes only.

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