Affiliate Marketing: Pro Tips

You should know that affiliate marketing is an important promotional activity that helps a company to promote its services or products with the help of affiliate betting partners. The same is true for betting.

An online casino partner will contact you to promote certain online casinos, games of chance or chance, or various casino bonuses and promotional offers. Whether it’s a casino blogger or a comparison site, they will all help you find the best casinos and games for your preferences.

Many top platforms offer different ways to earn money. The Parimatch online casino has many profitable opportunities for increasing capital, as well as an interesting affiliate program. This is a special offer not only for existing clients, but also for those who just want to earn extra money by actively attracting other gamblers to a reliable gaming platform.

All promotional materials are provided by Parimatch itself. The content is developed by professional specialists, therefore, nothing needs to be done individually. Of course, if you want to get more money, it is not forbidden to create motivating texts or pictures. Online casinos only encourage such zeal.

Basic requirements and conditions of the affiliate program from Parimatch

Legal and natural persons who have reached the age of majority can become partners. Initially, you will need to send an application to join the Parimatch program, which will be considered within a day. 

With a successful result, you can choose a suitable CPA and start earning. You will not need to replenish the balance or invest money for the future, as well as a certain collateral. Therefore, the partner does not risk anything, and only fraudulent actions can lead to an account freeze and an instant ban.

Basic requirements and features of work:

  • you need to use promotional materials from your personal account and work on promoting the brand;
  • it is forbidden to use spam;
  • texts that are created on an individual basis must be coordinated with the Parimatch administration;
  • no cookie spoofing scheme is allowed.

In the affiliate program, the reporting period for making a profit is one calendar month. The minimum withdrawal amount when using a banking institution is $2000 and $200 for payment systems. These are not the most difficult requirements, especially given the professional support from experienced representatives of the Parimatch company. At any time, experts are ready to help so that the process accurately brings the desired results.

What customer acquisition models can be used in an affiliate program from Parimatch

To engage in a profitable business and attract customers, it is permissible to use social networks, forums, blogs and a personal website. The company suggests paying attention to the best brand promotion models that can give the desired result:

  • CPA
  • Revshare;
  • hybrid.

Spam in any of its manifestations and the placement of unofficial, inconsistent with the company’s specialists, materials are strictly prohibited. If you follow the rules, be active and work closely with the brand, the profit will not be long in coming. The minimum amount of remuneration is 20%, and the rest increase with a multiplicity of 5 to 45%.

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