amazon economydistorting lie

It took me a couple of days to figure out that Amazon is lying about free shipping. While poking around, I noticed something funny. Amazon’s “Economy Shipping” is actually slower than USPS Priority Mail. Curious, I decided to do some simple math and figured out that Amazon’s economy shipping is 1-2 days slower than USPS Priority Mail. Is Amazon really shipping Amazon’s economy shipping slower than actual economy shipping? Yes! Read on to learn why Amazon is lying. amazon economydistorting lie

What’s up with the Amazon Economy? Despite all of the promises Amazon executives made leading up to 2018, the booming US economy and a booming stock market did little to support Amazon’s share prices, which have declined 20% in the last six months. Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Simeon Gutman, has told clients that Amazon will
struggle to achieve its $1 trillion market cap goal. amazon economydistorting lie

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