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Best Haircuts For 7 Different Face Shapes 

In the contemporary world, all of us (males and females) want to have the right physical appearance. For this, you take proper care of your face, dress in the right outfit, and have the right hairstyle. And when it comes to choosing the right haircut, you need to consider several factors such as the shape of your face and thickness and texture of your hair. You can consult hairstylists at an unisex salon to know your face shape and the right hairstyle for it. Here are some best haircuts for seven different face shapes:

1. Oval Face Shape

The attribute of an oval face shape is a longer length in comparison with a jawline and the width. And the jawline is a little narrower when compared to the hairline. Such a face shape consists of no noticeable angles or points and looks better with several different haircuts and styles. However, this face shape looks most attractive with a blunt bob with long curls/waves or subtle layers. You can opt for a shoulder-length cut for an attractive physical appearance. 

2. Rectangle Face Shape

You should go for a slicked back hairstyle, a side part, or a sleek man bun if your face is rectangular. And when it comes to style your hair, keep in mind you have to groom it well. It will help you avoid spending too much time on volume. Other haircuts for a rectangle face shape are as follows:

  • Layered cuts
  • Curtain bangs
  • Waves or curls
  • Rounded fringe
  • Soft and romantic chignons

3. Round Face Shape

Round faces have the same length and width with no significant angles. With this face shape, you look younger than your real age. Having a round face shape means you have more youthful hairstyles. The following haircuts or hairstyles will help you elongate your face and add angles to your physical appearance:

  • Long layered cuts
  • Choppy pixie cuts
  • Short side bangs

4. Oblong Face Shape

Your oblong face shape will have the best compliment when you widen your cheekbones with the right hairstyle. As per your wish, you can opt for side fringe, shoulder-length cut, short side bangs, or choppy pixie cuts. 

5. Heart Face Shape

Heart-shaped faces are broader at the temples and the hairline and leisurely tapper to narrower chins. The forehead with great cheekbones might be a prominent feature. You need to select the haircut that can accentuate or balance your tapered face. The following haircuts are the best options for you:

  • Long side-swept cuts
  • Curls or waves starting below the ear
  • Side-parted pixies
  • Bobs 
  • Lobs

6. Diamond Face Shape

People with a diamond face shape have a wider and fuller chin and forehead. If you have this face shape, you need to choose the haircuts that can enhance your appearance. As per choice, you can opt for anyone of the followings:

  • Messy & textured hair
  • Angular fringe 
  • Deep side parts 
  • Ponytails
  • Chin-length bobs
  • Long or mild layered cuts 

7. Square Face Shape

Square faces are wide and the cheekbones, forehead, and jawlines have the same width. This face shape has a strong jawline as a prominent feature. If you have a square face shape, you can opt for a soft and wispy bang falling to the side to make your facial look soft. Other suitable haircuts are as follows: 

  • Side-parted styles
  • Short layered bobs
  • Long and airy layers
  • Side-swept bangs


Your hair has a greater role in your physical appearance. You should focus on selecting the haircut or hairstyle that can help you enhance your appearance. Having an idea about your face shape and the right hair style/cut will be beneficial for you. The above-mentioned options can help you a lot.   

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