How to Make Custom Business Card Boxes Work 

Custom business card boxes can make a significant impact on your brand image and sales. Consider how the materials will reflect your brand identity when designing your business card boxes. Premium-quality paper stock and durable cardboard are two good options. You can also get them with a personalized design. You can also ask packaging experts for special touches. In addition to these benefits, you can find custom business card boxes that fit your budget. Read on for some valuable tips.

High-quality paper stock

Custom business card boxes should be made of high-quality paper stock. While there are different types of paper stock, a standard business card will be made from 14-point stock. Thicker paper stocks are better for retaining their shape and feel. However, a thinner paper stock can feel flimsy and will look unprofessional. You should avoid cheap discount printing services that use thin paper stocks for business card boxes.

Cardstock is a popular type of paper stock used to create custom business card boxes. Cardstock adds durability to your cards and helps them keep their shape. The durability of business card boxes depends on the thickness of the cardstock. A rigid material is ideal if you want a box to last a long time. Lucky Cards is one company that has successfully created custom business card boxes for its clients. Because of the high demand for these boxes, they’ve become a successful company.

Durable cardboard

Rigid cardboard for business card boxes is an excellent choice for business owners who want to transport their cards to clients quickly. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and is available in custom colours and striking hues. They’re also perfect for various uses, including displaying your company’s logo or other information. And the best part is that they’re customizable! You can include your company logo and colours to make them unique and special!

Cardboard for business card boxes is strong enough to store many cards. Its corrugated material is ideal for shipping and can be custom-made to fit the size of your cards. You can even order them in brown without printing, making them more affordable. However, a customized box is better if you need to ship the cards. If you’re looking for a custom box, remember that they may be a little expensive.

Personalized design

A custom business card box can make all the difference when it comes to impressing clients and customers. Customized business card boxes look great and keep your valuable cards safe. If you’ve always been hesitant to give out your cards, a business card box will make a great first impression. Custom boxes are made of corrugated material and have a fluted texture, so they’ll be durable and long-lasting.

Besides their practical use, custom business card boxes are also suitable for branding your business. Business cards are considered a person’s identity and represent your company to your customers. Custom-designed business card boxes look great and make your cards look much more professional. You can even get a design customized for your packages from a company like Bluebird Packaging. They’ll work with you to come up with a plan that’s unique and makes an impression.


Custom business card boxes are among the most economical and practical marketing tools you can use to advertise your business. These boxes are easy to carry around. Moreover, they can also be personalized with your company logo or other vital information. Custom business card boxes are a great marketing tool that can help you make a good impression on your clients. However, it would help if you considered the cost-effectiveness of the marketing tool before you opt for it.

While business cards are a great networking tool, it can be challenging to arrange them clean, organized manner. A cluttered display of business cards leaves an unimpressive impression on your clients. Fortunately, business card boxes offer a perfect solution to this problem. These boxes can be made in any size and shape you desire. If you want to make your business card boxes stand out from the crowd, consider the following:


You can use a customized box made of corrugated board to present your business cards. These boxes are durable and strong, and the corrugated board will keep your business cards safe while in transit. A customized package will help you create a professional impression, while the card box is a practical and attractive storage solution. You can order your custom boxes in different sizes and choose a simple brown colour box without printing. Although custom boxes will cost you more, they are much better for shipping.

For an even better effect, you can choose a rigid box. This presentation box is easy to carry around and can be shared with your clients. You can also choose one with your company’s logo or custom colours. A custom business card box is an excellent way to make your business cards stand out. It can be a great way to get clients interested in your business. And the best part is, it won’t break the bank!

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