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Dos and Don’ts Before and After Hijama

Hijama or cupping is a Sunnah that we should follow to reduce the risk of potential health disorders and conditions. Hijama basically is an Arabic word, which means Vacuum. People can go for cupping as it helps to get rid of the impurities that can increase the chance of many health conditions.

But only thinking and taking the decision to get cupping treatment is not a good approach at all. The best hijama in Karachi says that you should discuss with the professional if you are taking any type of medicine. It will help your healthcare provider to suggest whether you should avoid the medicine for a while or not.

If you are fit to go for cupping, it is important to learn about Hijama therapy and what you should do and what not. There are many diseases that you can deal with by taking Hijama therapy.

Make sure that you take care of yourself and also follow the aftercare tips which will drive more effective results. Let’s start with what dos and don’ts you should follow.

What You Should Do Before And After Cupping?

Hijama is a treatment for many diseases only when you stay focused and take care of your body. You must take care of the area where you get the cupping.

What else?

Let’s explore more.

1. When you plan for cupping, always book your appointment with your family doctor and discuss your medical history. If you have been taking some medicines, share the list with the doctor to learn if the Hijama is a good option for it or not.

2. Choose a professional therapist and discuss all the information about your consultation with a doctor.

3. The day you are going for therapy, make sure that you take ghusal before going as it is Sunnah.

4. Drink plenty of water and make sure that you stay hydrated. Make sure that you should take plenty of fluids and prevent dehydration.

5. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid wearing tight clothes.

6. After cupping, apply oil to the affected areas of your body.

7. Make sure that you prevent intercourse until you completely recover.

8. You may experience fever and always check the temperature.

9. Avoid laying down after taking the therapy but engage yourself in some physical activities.

10. To boost blood circulation, make sure that you stay physically active before half an hour of cupping therapy.

11. You should eat a healthy diet, like vegetables and fruits to get all the essential nutrients.

12. Cover the affected areas where you got the cupping therapy and try to avoid sun exposure.

13. Always stay gentle with your skin after taking the Hijama.

You should be careful when you are going for therapy. Make sure that you take care of yourself as it will give more effective results.

What You Should Avoid After Or Before Cupping?

People should learn about what things they should avoid before or after cupping because there are potential factors that can cause infections.

It’s time to learn about what you should not do.

1. If you feel itching after cupping, avoid scratching and itching on the affected areas.

2. You should avoid eating foods before two to three hours of cupping. If you eat, share it with the therapist.

3. People who smoke should avoid smoking as it can cause damage to their health and also affect the cupping effects on your body.

4. There is no oil that you should apply to your body before Hijama therapy.

5. The marks and wounds will go away on their own. But make sure that you avoid applying any cream. Because it will cause damage and lead to infections.

6. You should avoid taking shower after Hijama therapy. You should wait until your wound gets completely recovered.

7. If you exercise of high intensity, make sure that you avoid such physical activity for a few days.

8. Avoid sun exposure or dust as it can cause infections.

Hijama is a blessing for all of us only when we take care after taking it. You should always discuss with the doctor if you have been suffering from any potential disease or chronic health condition.

Some people may have high blood pressure or diabetes, share your health conditions with the doctor and follow the complete guidelines.

After taking the Hijama therapy, you should consume only a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids. People who consume a healthy diet are more likely to promote the healing process. After the cupping, take a rest. It will also contribute to promoting the healing process. 

Experts believe that taking complete rest can help to shorten the healing period. You should wear loose clothing until your wounds get completely healed. Visit your doctor after some days to make sure that your wounds are healed.

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