Get High-Quality Best Deep Cycle Battery For Your Appliances

Application Of Deep Cycle Batteries

When we talk about the battery option, you can pick the one that will fulfil your demand and preferences. But, if you have tried to buy industrial batteries, you know that selecting the ideal battery is not an easy task. It is because there are so many different brands and types of batteries. In this way, You can get the best deep cycle battery for your appliances.

Application Of Deep Cycle Batteries 

Deep cycle batteries store energy for a long time, making them perfect for users who don’t need a quick start. The following are some of the most common deep cycle battery lithium applications:

  • In the marine environment, there are a variety of applications.
  • Recreational automobiles
  • A prominent means of transportation are golf carts.
  • Sources of renewable energy that aren’t connected to the off grid.

Deep cycle battery lithium is another option for some maritime applications. However, it has a shorter lifespan than a special task battery. Moreover, a deep cycle battery can supply both a starting and continuous power for marine applications.

How Beneficial Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar System 

No doubt, if it comes to storing energy for a solar system, lithium solar batteries win the competition. They’re more efficient, charge faster, don’t need to maintain, and last longer.

The high efficiency is due to the cell’s low internal resistance, enabling them to charge with minimal loss. It shows that it may discharge with little loss and ensure that the energy input and output are equal. 

Benefits Of Lithium 12v Deep Cycle Battery

Solar charging conditions might be unpredictable because of the weather, location, and year. The recharging speed varies considerably from one moment to another. Gloomy days can render a solar array essentially ineffective.

12v deep cycle battery may accept the greatest charge current, resulting in faster charging times. Lithium batteries are also more tolerant of charging cycles that aren’t regular. If you use lead-acid batteries, you must recharge them after any discharge. Otherwise, it can shorten the life of the battery. The Lifespan and performance of lithium batteries are unaffected by partial charge cycles. As a result, they are better suited to sunlight conditions.

Great for Discharge Cycles That Aren’t Consistent

The quantity of power you use from your battery bank may change day to day. When it comes to addressing inconsistencies in discharge cycles, lithium batteries are fantastic. When your lithium battery bank is used as a backup power supply, it can tolerate discharge inconsistencies without causing damage to the batteries. Even a deep discharge, which would destroy a lead-acid battery, has little effect on high-quality lithium ion deep cycle batteries.

Long lasting Lifespan 

The cost of lithium batteries turns many people off. Besides, the length of time things last is one of the most crucial factors. Typical lead-acid batteries have a recharging cycle life of 200 to 900 times. Regular solar charging can last a few years in perfect conditions with proper care.

Deep cycle batteries solar are noted for five thousand cycles, which equals 10+ years of use. Lithium deep cycle batteries build to endure 3,000–5,000 cycles regardless of discharge. It ensures that after 5,000 charge-discharge, 80% of the battery will be usable!

Lithium batteries have a higher initial cost but can last for years. Lithium batteries are one of the most cost-effective solutions for establishing a battery bank because they don’t need to replace.

No matter what, there is always power available.

The power declines gradually as a lead-acid battery is deplete. You can usually utilise about half of a lead-acid battery before the voltage drops to power your electronics. Furthermore, discharging a lead-acid battery below 50% capacity causes harm and reduces the battery’s Lifespan.

But, the lithium ion deep cycle battery provides power and voltage until the battery is completely depleted. You can use the battery to its full capacity without suffering a major voltage drop. Furthermore, unlike lead-acid batteries, draining lithium batteries does not destroy them.

Things Consider While Purchasing Deep Cycle Battery 

There are many things you should consider before purchasing the battery. But here are some important things you must consider, such as :

  • Cranking Battery 
  • Dual
  • Deep cycle battery

Cranking Battery 

Starting batteries should not be use in a cyclic application. Because the plates are too thin, the battery will die in a short period if cycled repeat constantly. CCA or CA is the measuring device for restarting Or cranking batteries 

Dual Purpose 

Dual-purpose batteries contain larger plates and can provide starting, cranking, and limited cycle capabilities when the loads are too small or medium than the current application. CCA and Ah are commonly used to measure dual-purpose batteries.

But, if you are looking for a lithium ion deep cycle battery, don’t fret. Deep Cycle Systems provide you with high-quality DCS batteries at an affordable price. DCS Lithium Batteries are small and light. Yet they are powerful and long-lasting due to their construction. These batteries are suitable for military, marine, and 4WD uses since they can resist high vibrations and shocks. 

DCS always uses advanced A grade lithium cell technology from specialised manufacturers who are well ahead of the industry in lithium cell R&D. Each battery pack is meticulously designed and engineered by DCS. They have created their battery management systems (BMS), which act as the brain inside their battery packs, assuring optimal service life through precise cell management. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the leading companies in Australia and has got you covered at an affordable price.

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