How to Design the Perfect Home Patio

Crafting and designing a home patio is so much more than just throwing together some IKEA outdoor furniture and calling it a day. If you want your home patio to be perfect in aesthetic and usefulness, then you’ll need to carefully plan how you want to design your patio. Today, we’re going to help give you some tips on how to design a home patio that is perfect for you and your loved ones. Once you’ve carefully crafted your home patio, you’ll want to spend as much time out there as possible. We’ll briefly mention some useful items to help you make the most out of your home’s patio, such as a magnetic mesh screen door and a grill for outdoor barbecue nights with the family. Keep reading to find just the right inspiration. 

Consider Size and Shape 

When designing your home patio, you first and foremost must consider the size and shape. Is it a 10-foot by 10-foot square patio, or is it a 20 by 30 rectangle? The size and shape will determine what and how much you can fit into your patio. You should think of your home patio like an extension of your home; you essentially need a “floor plan” in order to design your home patio in the best way possible. We recommend drawing out a floor plan that accurately represents a scaled-down version of your patio, and when you start looking for outdoor furniture, sketch those items into the plan using accurate scaled-down measurements. This will help you envision the layout of your patio and potentially prevent you from getting furniture that won’t fit well with the size and shape you already have. 

Get the Most Out of Your Home Patio by Covering

If you’re putting a lot of effort into planning and designing your home patio, chances are you want to get a lot of use out of it. A great way to get even more usage out of your patio is to consider covering it if it isn’t already covered. Your patio doesn’t necessarily need to be covered, but you limit the type of furniture you can put on your patio if it isn’t covered. With the protection of a patio covering, you can get whatever kind of patio furniture you want without worrying about them getting damaged by the elements or any creatures. 

Another perk of covering your patio is that you can use it no matter the weather. If the patio is fully covered around the sides as well, you can even invest in an external heating system so you can enjoy your patio in the colder seasons too. The more covered your patio is, the more flexibility you have when it comes time to use your home patio. 

Blend With Your Home’s Interior Style 

Your home patio shouldn’t look like a completely separate entity from the inside of your home. Rather, it should look like an extension of the interior, as we’ve already mentioned. An easy way to do this is to match, or at least complement, the design of your home patio with your home’s interior. By no means does it have to look identical to the inside of your house, but it should be at least the same vibe. You don’t want to have a rugged, woodsy-looking patio associated with your classy and sophisticated home interior. The two just won’t mesh well, so when you’re looking for patio furniture, compare it to the style of your home interior, and see if they blend well. 

Extra Items to Make Your Patio Perfect

Two extra items you can get to put the final perfecting touches onto your home patio are a magnetic mesh screen door and an outdoor grill. A magnetic mesh screen door can be placed on the doorframe separating the inside of your home from your patio, and it allows fresh air to flow between the two spaces. With a magnetic mesh screen door, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air while keeping out the elements and pests. These doors are sealed using magnets running from the top to the bottom of the mesh, so to open the magnetic mesh screen door, all you have to do is apply pressure by walking through it, and it will easily open up for you. This makes it a great item to have in combination with an outdoor grill. Maybe your hands are holding a plate full of freshly grilled hamburgers or salmon filets, and you don’t have the hands to open a door. With a magnetic mesh screen door, all you have to do is walk through it, and it will open and then seal shut all by itself. A magnetic mesh screen door and an outdoor grill are the best items to perfect the usefulness of your home patio. 


We hope this article was helpful in inspiring you to design the home patio you’ve been dreaming of. By following these tips, you can achieve the perfect home patio that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.  

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