How to draw a cartoon Dragon?

How to draw a cartoon Dragon? Learn to draw an excellent cartoon Dragon with simple drawing instructions and step-by-step and a video tutorial. You can now easily create a magnificent dragon for drawing. All of their hopes were hung on fragile Dragon wings. Would you like to learn to draw a cartoon Dragon? With this step-by-step creature -Determination – Tutorial, you can master the comic dragon cut.

Dragons! Perhaps no other mythical creature has captured human imagination so ultimately. Our dreams gave wings, followed our darkest nightmares through cultures, and have always been scaly creatures. The dragons seem to be a fusion of real animals. In some myths, dragons are benevolent and useful protectors. These are dangerous and insatiable animals determined to cause evil and destruction in other cases. What kind of Dragon is it revealed?

Drawing a Cartoon Dragon

Step 1:

Start the cartoon Dragon’s outline by sketching the Dragon’s face. Use curved lines to describe the eyes, eyebrows, nostrils, and beaming mouth. Draw a round triangle to form the funnel of the dragon nose. Once, A small oval in the nostril and a large oval in the eyes display the students.

Step 2:

Draw a curved line to draw the Dragon’s open mouth with “U” lines for teeth. Use another curved streak to draw the jaw base with “U” lines at the back. Draw another quick line from the eye to the cornet, which indicates the opposite cheek.

Step 3:

Draw two curved triangles to form the horns on the head of the Dragon. Then draw curved lines on the bottom of the horns and avoid the skin around them. Then use wavy curved lines to draw a steering wheel or a mane between the horns.

Step 4:

Use long curved lines that overlap to draw the neck and belly of the Dragon. Contour the upper and lower neck with short lines.

Then stretch out a few curved lines to form the leg. Draw several rounded triangles to display the claws. Connect them with curved lines that overlap and form the toes.

Step 5:

Use curved tubes to draw the remaining legs. Draw the rounded triangular claws again and connect them to curved lines that overlap to form the toes.

Step 6:

Use long curved lines to draw around the neck, back, and tail. Let the lines hit at one point at the end of the tail. Also, note the open space on the back. Draw a curved line that crosses the neckline. It becomes the wing and fills this open space.

Step 7:

Draw the Dragon wing. Draw a triangular claw in the previous step and turn curved lines again. Then continue the line to the wing tip. Draw curved lines parallel to the outside of the wing and let them fulfill the wings’ tips at one point. Then draw the bat wing membrane with a series of connected curved lines.

Step 8:

Use curved lines to draw the remaining wing, shape veins on the original wing, and describe the Dragon’s belly. Then draw triangular points in the back and the tail of the Dragon.

Step 9:

How to draw a cartoon Dragon

Complete the outline of your cartoon Dragon by describing the wing and belly with curved lines. Then outline a small flame that escapes from the mouth of the Dragon.

Step 10:

How to draw a cartoon Dragon

Dye your cartoon Dragon. We have shaded ours, a standard color for scaly beasts. Will your rare gold, a magnificent bronze, a robust brown, or an agile blue be like the dragons of partners? Or a passionate red like the monstrous nightmare, how to train your Dragon? The choice belongs to you.

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