Identification Of Medical Diploma In Europe

Our company has medical degrees in Greece, Italy, and Spain since 2008. We have experience in obtaining medical diplomas in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, but we no longer work in those countries and we have to reject many clients. Many people think that EMED can be bought just like any other service. He believes that it is sufficient to issue a power of attorney on exit and to submit, pay and receive the necessary documents.

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We also deal with the approval of diplomas for continuing education, for example, if someone goes to court. Who sent us a bachelor’s degree for service and received a certificate or dismissal from the Ministry of Education. But the acceptance of such a diploma should not be confused with the recognition of a medical diploma for further practice in the medical profession.

What are the difficulties in getting a medical diploma in Europe?

Special attention

The approval of medical diplomas is a special field and has special requirements, for example, all diplomats in Donetsk and Crimea require an ambassador from Pakistan. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. At the same time for another program, you can certify copies of documents in other countries or send them to Stars Academy Iqbal Town.

This difficulty is due to the low risk of obtaining forged documents. In addition to the diploma, they need a full-time admission certificate from the university. It is very difficult to get a degree in faculty and academic programs and such a certificate in case the university is closed or not running.

Financial questions

Currently, the cost of our certification services is around 4000-4500 Euros. But even working at this price does not benefit us. While the standard method of determining a diploma is usually a certified translation of 20-40 pages. When we talk about a medical diploma there must be at least 60-80 pages of legal translation (ie consular translation). Or licensed. Local translator). If possible you can even hire a translation company that could do all of that translation work for you.

It turned out that the cost of the company reaches 1,500 euros. This means that even such high prices will not be able to cover the expenses of the company. As a result, consumers feel dissatisfied because they think the service is expensive and we are dissatisfied because the benefits outweigh other services with more complex functions.

Psychological load

Many people are unaware of the fact that medical diploma services cannot be performed without the participation of their clients. We can write tests for you and learn languages. We only deal with documents. But you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that your document is not known. Here are some clear examples of the intricacies of getting admission through university. Austria – You must pass an exam and enter the competition. Spain and Germany – you have to meet the standards. Plan your studies and find the right course for the vacancies in Italy. You have to pass the language and entrance exams. And you also need a university to evaluate your academic year and identify you as a good candidate for last year’s admission.

In general

There are two dangers when trying to get acquainted with a diploma by entering a university: First, a person fails to meet the standards or competitions. Secondly, it is not accepted by the Ministry of Education or the university. He deserves a diploma and previous education, so he went to final year exams or state exams.

Also, the time factor is not in the hands of the applicant. Applicants must not only submit but also translate and verify a large number of documents. But these documents still need to be sent to a specific agency for approval. Then they have to pass the average exam. It takes three years to get a medical degree.

What did we end up with? Clients have high hopes for the acceptance of diplomas, and no one can guarantee a positive outcome. Because in addition to pre-existing documents, it is also affected by the complexity of various factors.

what shall I do?

We currently accept medical certificates in Greece, Italy, and Spain. But we will check in advance to see if every potential customer is less familiar with their documents. If not specified, we will send this person to re-teach.

Of course, there are always other options, for example, you want to check with your doctor and your medical education. But he is not ready to go to university for the next six years. After which he can enroll in a master’s program and become a director of a medical institution.

The second option

The second option is to enroll in some of your education and enroll in a less educated specialty such as nursing, physiotherapy, speech therapy, nutrition, etc., which is also higher education. But it only took three to four years to read this information. Special experience and you can take immediate action.

One important thing to understand: The process of filing for a medical degree is available in almost every European country. But the chances of a successful entry depend on several factors. (Some countries make identification inaccessible and technically inaccessible to doctors, such as France and Slovakia.) Therefore, you should not give up and miss out on good job opportunities as a doctor in Europe. Should. But at the same time, you have to be prepared for any situation.

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