Is your Car in its best Condition? 8 Ways to Tell

Only if our cars could speak and tell us all about the horrors they have been through. Cars are an integral part of our lives and for anyone who has spent their hard earned money on a car realize the value of keeping it Car in its best Condition. Car owners are mostly careless with their cars and ignore many warning signs that it gives. Even if you’re singing to music loud enough to drown out the screaming sounds or waiting for the next strange noise from the car engine, car issues can never be totally avoided.
Make sure to pay attention to your car before it gets too late. Here are some sure tell but often ignored signs that your car needs help or might ask for it itself soon.
You Have Been Ignoring It
Silence is sometimes the loudest cry and note the keywords sometimes here. If your car is not asking for help or didn’t even get a second of your attention then you need to pay attention to it. This means take it to the doctor without any reason. The car doctor: mechanic. Sure, car maintenance does cost a lot but you don’t have to avoid it just to save those bucks. After call a car that runs and takes you from place to place needs a cooling station or time to rest.
Make sure to get those regular visits to maintenance and mechanic. You can also use some easy coupons to get the routine checkup done. The Valvoline coupon helps you get the best discounts on car maintenance and routine checkup.
Tire Pressure
It must be considered because it is regarded as being difficult to find. a specific, crucial matter, the significance of which is frequently miscalculated. Tires with inadequate air pressure deteriorate more quickly than tyres with adequate air pressure.

Tire pressure is another factor that affects gas mileage. However, you must try and avoid overinflating your tyres because doing so increases the risk of a blowout.

Which you do not want to face when driving at 70 mph on the highway.
You must pump your tyres according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a result, inspecting your tyres once a month—or even sooner if you drive in very tough conditions—is a good idea. You can also purchase a tyre pressure monitor to get more accurate data about what’s going inside your wheels.
Engine Check Light
This is a very clear indicator but ironic enough few people still tend to ignore the engine light. While some of them shove it away as a fault when externally their car seems to do all right. Don’t do this! An engine light is a clear cut and a very loud indication that your car isn’t in its best sel. While you keep it taking over those miles, don’t forget to ask the mechanic what’s the indicator for.
Keep the Tires Rotating
Most of you must be hearing of it for the first time. It is okay! It’s a good idea to get your tyres rotated on a regular basis. If you’re not sure what this implies, tyre rotation entails removing each tyre and replacing it in a different place, such as alternating the left and right tyres. By ensuring that the tyres wear evenly over time or that no area is exposed to excessive stress or weight, the aim is to expand the life of the tyres.
The Windshield Wipers
This isn’t as necessary as the other maintenance activities, but it’s so simple and affordable that there’s no reason not to perform it. It’s time to replace your wipers if they’re causing streaks on your windshield. Wipers that aren’t working properly are a safety hazard since they can’t efficiently clean liquids and particulates from your windshield, obstructing your view while you drive. Old wipers can also damage the windshield with tiny cuts or scratches that make your car lose its value and shine.
The Car Engine Oil
Engine oil is the driving force of your car and you must not take it for granted. Even though your car comes with a manual for the oil change and other instructions no worries if you have lost it. We don’t judge the funny crowd either. Cars can get away with an oil change every six months or 5000 miles for the most part.

However if you spend a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic or other difficult driving conditions, you should bring your car in sooner.
Over Heating
It is common to blame the shining sun and high temperatures when your car suddenly takes a halt in the middle of a wide road. On a hot, sunny day, it is normal to notice the car heating up.

but if this is happening every other day.

It is something to be aware of.Most importantly this could be an engine’s deep fault. The spare parts in the engine can retain a lot of heat and may also be suffering from a lot of friction. The overheating resulting to a stop is the result of your car protecting you from a fire, thank it!
Check your Driving Habits
No one is offending you on over speeding or any other bad habit you have with the car. However, if you want to keep your vehicle in good shape, you must practice safe driving practices. Slowing down when you approach speed bumps and avoiding excessive speed are examples of this. Many drivers are unaware that driving at greater speeds causes their automobile and its different components to wear down faster, resulting in premature mechanical ageing.

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