Mobile Phone Tax Deduction?

Can I claim my cell phone for tax deduction? The answer is yes, but you must use your mobile phone for work to claim a tax deduction.

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Example: People often use cell phones to call employees and executives during or after work. In both cases, there is a complete digestive tract. If you find your cell phone, you can claim a tax deduction.

In this article, we cover the following questions about mobile phone tax credit:

  • How do I claim my cell phone for tax deduction?
  • Can I apply for a tax deduction for the package? Or claiming to be an opponent?
  • What if I rent a cell phone?
  • How can you prove it?
  • Can I apply for a phone bill discount?

1. How can I claim a tax deduction from my mobile phone?

The important thing to note here is that you only have a tax deduction that entitles you to request “commercial use” of your cell phone. Initially, you will need the following records:

  • 1 Guide to Buying a Mobile Phone
  • 2 days after purchase
  • 3% of business consumption
  • 4% of your business use (usage).

ATO You should keep a record of your cell phone usage for at least 4 weeks and note the time spent on your cell phone for personal and business use. After preparing the document, you will know the percentage of your mobile phone usage at work.

2. Can I apply for a tax deduction as a package? Or should I just apply for a tax deduction?

The answer to this question depends on the price of the mobile phone.

If your cell phone is less than $ 300, you can claim a similar tax deduction for the percentage of your business use on the purchase price.

If your mobile phone costs more than $ 300, you can claim a reduction in the value of your mobile phone for 3 years under the ATO guidelines.

3. What if I rent a cell phone?

You can claim to use your cell phone as a tax deduction. Whether you rent a cell phone or pay a monthly fee. Demand the business portion of the rent from the tax revenue.

4. How do you prove tax deduction on your mobile phone?

First, you need a list of notes in question 1, and you must have a real reason to use your cell phone at work. Note that the mobile phone must be suitable for your job. ATO may request additional clarification. In either case, you have to prove that you need a personal cell phone for your business. Please also note that most employers provide office facilities and equipment, so you will be provided with a working cell phone. So you don’t have to work from home, or if you can, you don’t even need your cell phone.

5. Can I request a discount on the phone bill?

You can also claim a tax deduction on your call charges. Set aside 1% of your phone bill for business purposes. (As you would with a cell phone) and claim that the percentage is tax-deductible on your annual phone bill.

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