Planets Indicating the Right Career Path

In astrology, the positions of different planets signify various career paths and the best astrologer in Chennai online will help determine a person’s profession. To determine one’s profession, it is needed to go through the outcome centred on the tenth house and its lord and its connection with other heavenly bodies and houses of birth/natal chart.


Planet Moon is viewed as the planet of productivity. If a person has a strong moon in his/her birth chart, it indicates a nursing career. It also includes occupations associated with import-export, medical, mechanical engineering, maritime, navy, journalism, environmental sciences, herbs related sectors, and music.


Planet Sun is everything related to power and supremacy. If anyone has a strong Sun in his/her natal, then it will indicate a career in politics or administration department. This planet showcases individuals in various jobs, such as manager, doctor, owner, etc. It even showcases careers in sectors including Municipal Corporation, Forest Department, brokerage, administrator, enforcement-related, and maintenance-related.


This planet is the planet of reasoning, education, and analyzing. Those with a strong Mercury in the natal chart are good at communicating. Therefore, this planet indicates jobs associated with the communication. Communication can be either oral or written.

Jobs like press teaching, BPO, writing, publishing, printing press, astrology, web designing, computer-related, and booksellers are all Mercury related careers, as per the best astrologer in Chennai.


Venus is the natural indicator of charm, sex, and amusement. Thus, anyone with a strong Venus will tend towards any of these aspects. Besides, this planet too showcases jobs associated with comforts, art, glamour, acting, modelling, hospitality, entertainment, music, etc.

This planet also indicates tourism, dramatists, weavers, confectioners, car dealers, dancers, fashion designers, personal secretaries, photographers, receptionists, painters, architects, and stage performers.


Planet Mars is an indicator of bravery and courage. It has an authoritative nature; that’s why if someone has a strong Mars in his/her natal chart, it will indicate professions like police, army officials, etc. Being the planet of action and initiative, Mars also indicates careers in wrestling, medical, butchery, lands related sectors, gym, dentist, etc.


Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. It showcases the jobs associated with law, finance, education, scholars, priests, and astrology. It is also an indicator of professions where good decision-making skills are needed. These include ministers, judges, etc. When it comes to ministers, there are some who think about the country and some who only think about their own profit. The ministers who are frauds have an impact on Rahu and Shani in their natal chart.

The Planet Jupiter denotes knowledgeable teachers whose acquaintance is equivalent to wisdom. On the contrary, the planet Mercury showcases teachers with little acquaintance with no detailed or research-based knowledge. This planet receives knowledge for acquiring greater wisdom and contentment. However, planet Mercury does that just to be victorious in any conflict with others.


The Planet Saturn is an indicator of unhappiness, diligence, Karma, and hindrance. In essence, it shows individuals who are aged, antique things, and hard work. The professions related to this planet are labor, agriculture, buildings, real estate, and many other laborious jobs. This planet even indicates people belonging to the services-class, stonework execution oil, wood related work, shoemaking, work related to punishments, nun, work related to History, fields related to tiles and stones, philosophy, etc.


Rahu is viewed as the most mysterious planet in the zodiac in Vedic astrology. Rahu-Ketu is actually present in Vedic astrology. This planet is the north node of the moon. The career associated with this planet isn’t conservative. Rahu energy in a person every time brings an inclination to think differently or to do anything unique.

Planet Rahu indicates careers associated with medical, research, waste-material dealers, and many more.

A negative or weak Rahu in the natal chart means that it can give rise to fraud. This planet commands various sectors, for example, environmental science, medications prepared uniquely from poison, radio, telephone, event management, food technology, and computer hardware.


According to astrology, Ketu is completely different from Rahu and indicates spirituality, disinterest, etc., showing everything related to spirituality. That’s why careers are associated with religion, religious head, private affairs, zoology, areas related to language, programming languages, diplomats, sweepers, medical, detective, microbiologist, saints, chemist, leather, etc.

Final Thoughts

One must decide anything related to the career since these decisions will influence your life. It is every time good to study the career astrology and career planets in a person’s natal chart. The astrologer in Chennai online will intensely analyze and then determine a suitable career for you.

Considering the expert astrologers as if you pursue any career and your planetary placement isn’t supporting this career, you need to face trouble in life.

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