Suzanne Schulting defends women short track of title 1,000m.

On Friday, Netherland’s Suzanne Schulting defended her title in the short track speed skating women’s 1,000m final in 1:28.391 at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the quarterfinal, Schulting established a new world record of 1:26.514 shortly before.

Schulting expressed, “After skating, I became sure out there a world record, and I was very excited.

She also counted that “it means many for the Netherlands. I worked for the whole team so hard. She said that; I got the gold, and I am super proud, but I got the gold for the whole squad.

So far, in Beijing, Dutch athletes have pocketed five gold medals, the first four from speed skating.

Earlier in the short track speed skating women’s 500m final on Monday, while Italy’s legendary Arianna Fontana took gold, Schulting won the silver medal.

Fontana is the Five-time Olympian champion; however, on Friday, she was penalized for causing contact women’s 1,000m finals and thus missed the podium.

Suzanne Schulting, is known as the defending Olympic champion of the Netherlands, clinched the women’s 1,000-meter title in one minute and on Friday, 28.391 seconds at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics here.

Choi Min-Jeong; is known as the South Korean star skater, earned the silver in 1:28.443. At 1:28.928, Hanne Desmet of Belgium bagged the bronze medal.

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