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What are the benefits of swimming?

Of the human body has gradually lost trends, the study shows that the age of muscle tissue is lost. Muscle tissue loss, muscle strength is lowered on the one hand, and on the other hand leads to the decrease in body metabolism rate, energy consumption is slow, and the ratio of fat is increased with lifeguard course near me.
Swimming is a whole body involved compared to other exercises to mobilize more muscles to participate in metabolic energy supply. Although swimming can not shape fat, smelly muscles. But the strength and coordination of muscles, especially of torso , shoulder straps and upper, can improve limb muscles, while swimming in the water swim, requires a lot of resistance.

2, what is the benefits of swimming to maintain joint health

Swimming in the water, the water will create a mechanical stress on the human body. Play a good massage, so that the stiff jointless relaxation. Each joint does not need to be used as continuously as usual, and the impact of the joint is much smaller than the land movement, so that each joint can relax and rest. Which helps the inflammation and failure and functional rehabilitation.

3, what is the benefits of swimming to improve endocrine disorders

Modern urban women’s pressures, work, families, etc. often have adverse effects on women’s endocrine systems. Swimming can improve the role of endocrine diseases, let people reduce anxiety. The mentality is more peaceful, and the skin is smoother, making women more charming in sexual life.

4, what is the benefits of swimming to improve cardiopulmonary function

Girls who swam better for the average human heart. This is because the cardiac blood reflow speed is greatly improved due to the massage of the water flow to the horizontal human body. And the systemic movement has strengthened the blood transfusion of the cardiovascular brain. Which is good for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. When you swim while swimming, the respiratory muscle load is greatly aggravated, and 12-15 kg of water pressure is pressed against the entire cerebral cavities, which helps to increase lung capacity.

1,People with serious heart disease, high blood pressure should pay attention to swimming in water. Because it will cause running, fall, drowning and thus endangered life.
2,If it is a person with sexually transmitted disease. Viral hepatitis, red eye disease, do not swim, do not swim, transmitted to others.

3,People who are deaf should not participate in swimming. The body balance skills of the deaf are not good. Swimming in the water will lead to balance for the drowning accident to occur.

4,Serious diseases such as pulmonary and pulmonary tuberculosis. Are difficult to withstand the crowd of large sports.

5, High myopia, people with acute conjunctivitis are not suitable for water swimming.

6,People who are mentally disordered are not suitable for swimming. Because the water is easy to suddenly concede or lose consciousness.

7,If there is epilepsy, avoid swimming in water. Because the epilepsy will attack suddenly Causing the consciousness losing consciousness to happen through it.

Women during menstruation should not swim in water. Avoid bacterial infection that causes health.

9,People who are too hungry and full can not swim in water to avoid stomach discomfort.

10,Alcoholics should not immediately swim. Avoid the occurrence of drunkenness.

11,And, corneal ulcers, do not swim, avoid infection.

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