What Are The Best Image Sources You Can Use For Graduate Assignments?

At a higher educational level, you have to work on graduate assignments to experience complex problems. In such assignments, you must use facts and figures for better explanation. In this article, I will inform you about the best image sources for graduate assignments.

What is a Graduate assignment?

Graduate assignments are the short term assignments of one or two weeks on a particular topic. The purpose of these assignments is to expand the horizon of theoretical knowledge. Professors assign such tasks for the exposure of students. In the case of real-life problems, students take it as an opportunity to experience reality.

What are the top images sources for a graduate assignment?

The use of images makes your assignment attractive, and it becomes easy to learn about the topic of discussion. A single image can explain so many points at once. Sometimes, it is challenging to describe a problem in descriptive form. Without a snapshot, hitting the target point always remains unachievable. At the academic level, you can find bundles of reasons for using images in any writing task. In any task, the writer aims to influence the reader’s mind.

For doing so, smart techniques work well. In this era of technology, you can find so many smart tricks for having compelling work. In the case of images, you do not have to search on Google simply. For graduate assignments, you should use top image sources. You can even hire a cheap assignment writing service to get the best images. Some of the best image sources are mentioned below:

  • Openverse
  • Google Images
  • Flickr
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Artstor Digital Library

Let’s discuss these sources in detail.


Openverse is one of the most commonly used sources for images. It is an open-source search engine that is assessable to all of users. At the moment, Openverse has joined WordPress, but it was known as CC search in the past. The CC Search stands for Creative Commons Search. The purpose of Creative Commons is to make the sharing of data easy for the users. There is a proper license for this source. By using its license, other image sources can allocate data.

Different features of Openverse can help you in graduate assignments. The feature of the redesigned interface is very effective, as it has increased the serviceableness. By using this feature, you can easily trim the data of your choice. The data can be in the form of graphics or audio. Another fantastic feature is the new image provider. With this feature, you can find quality data in the form of images from credible sources.

Google Images

Google has so many tools, including Google Scholar and Google Images. Here, our concern is to discuss Google Images. It is specified as a search engine for images. At this image source, you can search for required images with the help of a text search. In between the texts, you need to add the keyword. The best thing about this source is the smart search and its most relevant results. The involvement of machine learning has made it very practical to use for graduate assignments. In Google Images, the machine learning algorithm provides you access to the web pages. It is not a big deal if you are unsure about the name of a particular image. You can add some similar term at this source of photos, and there are great chances of having the required one.


Flickr is one of the most popular photo sites. Many people take Flickr as a social media platform that allows you for image sharing. You may have used Instagram and Facebook. In both apps, you can add a post of your choice. Similarly, the Flickr is free of cost, and you can share data on it. The data can be in the form of an image as well as videos. Here, you can make a network by following people of your choice.

For graduate assignments, you can add pictures collected from flickr. It is better to follow senior researchers and writers on Flickr. No doubt it is a social media platform, still it is oriented toward professional data. Here, people prefer to post about their professional images. The best features of Flickr include profile, photostream and stats. Furthermore, it includes organise, recent activities and faves. All of these features help you discover the work done by other researchers.

Wikimedia Commons

For graduate assignments, you can freely have licensed content in the visual form. All of the media available on this source is from academics. So, you do not have to filter out the non-academic data out of it. There are many other image sources that provide you with content after charging for it. You have to work on multiple projects and assignments at a higher educational level. For different tasks, you do not have to search for additional sources. Wikimedia Commons is the source that provides you access to the various domains. There is one thing that needs great attention. You have to take care of the image license. In most of the cases, you do not find copyright issues. So, you can add images with license details in your graduate assignments.

Artstor Digital Library

The last image source is named as Artstor Digital Library. All the data available at this source is highly reliable. Many senior researchers prefer to use Artstor Digital Library for their research work. At a higher educational level, the student community trusts this image source for graduate assignments, projects and research work. Remember that you can use content taken from Artstor Digital Library for non-commercial activities. To use this image source, you have to make an account. The account would be free of cost. After logging in, you can access data automatically.

Final Thoughts

Completing the graduate assignments can be most challenging if you do not get credible and relevant data. You can use any of the image sources mentioned above for having credible and relevant data. These sources can help you end up with then a compelling assignment.

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