What equipment do you need for a peaceful move

When a move looks complex, the best solution to implement is to use specific moving equipment. Indeed, the success of a transfer project depends on the moving equipment and the handling know-how of the assigned team. So what are the essential machines for a move to occur in the best conditions?

Moving equipment: boxes and trolleys

Professionals often use crates and moving trolleys to transport heavy furniture and moving boxes. These complete the panoply used for cranes (furniture lifts, lifting platforms, etc.).

The moving box

Also called American box, it is a cardboard packaging popular with professional movers for storing and transporting goods. It is also used to deliver personal effects as part of a move. The moving crate has grooves, allowing it to take shape.

The moving cart

This equipment is equipped with a tray, 4 small wheels, a backrest, and swivel casters. It should be noted that its handling is more complex compared to that of a rolling tray or a transport devil. This is why specialists rarely use it to transport bulky objects. However, 3 types of trolleys can be adapted to different uses:

  • The tractor cart
  • The carrier trolley
  • The telescopic forklift

The ramp and the pallet truck

Professionals also use the loading ramp and pallet truck to move bulky furniture safely.

The loading ramp

An inclined plane makes it easier to pass wheeled vehicles like hand trucks, trolleys, or motorized vehicles on platforms. They exist in different models and allow you to lift different loads. Indeed, we distinguish:

  • Ramps for heavy loads
  • Foldable ramps
  • Short ramps

The pallet truck

Also called a pallet puller, it is a hydraulic trolley, which can be manual or motorized and used to transport handling pallets. It allows, in particular, to move and transport heavy furniture. It is relatively practical and compact, making it useful for movers handling, handling, and transporting massive objects.

Covers and carrying straps

The covers and straps are essential to lift or slide fragile and massive objects.

Protective Covers

They can be used to cover furniture as well as to slide it down the stairs or on the floor to be able to move it more easily. In the absence of blankets, you can also use skates. Mattress moving cover should also be used to move the mattress easily.

The carrying straps

They make it possible to fix furniture during transport to immobilize it. Thus, the movers will be able to moor the objects more easily. In addition, the transport straps ensure the stability and safety of the furniture.

The tools

A tool kit is also necessary when it is necessary to dismantle certain pieces of furniture to lighten the loads to be transported. These include beds, dining tables, and cabinets.

A fleet of trucks

The moving truck is used to transport all the belongings to the new accommodation. In addition to the necessary equipment, the means of transport should not be neglected either. The truck fleet includes vans, cube trucks, rigid trucks, and tractor-trailers. You must choose a vehicle according to the number of boxes, heavy objects, and the distance separating the old from the new home.

A professional moving company has a wide choice of trucks to make the moves. They also offer box sales and extra boxes to store your knick-knacks and supplies.

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