What Should You Look for in a Field Hockey Stick?

Professional ice hockey is not for amateurs, just like online casino games NetBet. Over time, with talent, practice, and hard effort, one may become a master of their sport, earning precise shots and the crowd’s applause.

It’s been stated that field hockey is a game of skill and finesse rather than brute strength. Thus it’s essential to have reasonable control of your wrists and stick. However, technical knowledge is also required, and success depends on your gear.

The hockey stick is an essential part of the game because it is your primary tool. That’s why picking the best twig to play with is crucial to improving your game. In this short article, we’ll look at the twig hockey sticks that are so beloved by Indian players.


Both lefts use the same stick- and right-handed players since it require both hands for control. It has a handle, a shaft, a right-facing, flat region, and a curved hook. Sticks are held with the right hand at the base of the grip and the left hand towards the top; the flat part of the stick is used to make contact with the ball.


The weight of a hockey stick should be your priority when selecting. It needs to be manageable in weight without making it uncomfortable to wield while providing adequate force for your shots.

Most pros use a medium-weight stick, but that varies with their position. A light stick is more suited to the forward position because of its ease of movement, while a heavy stick is better for a defense to deflect powerful strikes and guarantee hard impacts.

Midfielders use the medium weight because it allows for high intensity and good mobility. A novice should opt for this until you figure out your true playing style.


Your height and hockey prowess directly impact the length of the hockey twig. For a more comfortable grip and a more comprehensive range of motion, a longer stick is recommended for professional players.

For newcomers, however, a stick that ends at or slightly above the waist is recommended. You can always get a longer stick if you need it later. The typical Indian may use a stick that is 36 to 38 inches in length.

Toe Type

It’s the part of your body that makes contact with the ball. Hook, maxi, midi, and shorti lengths may be purchased. Because of its wide hitting and receiving surface, the hook is preferred by both offensive and defensive specialists. The grass is the optimal playing surface for this. Maxi, with its somewhat less rounded profile, serves the same functions as the former but excels on grass.

Midi is somewhat curved, making it a good choice for midfielders because of its ability to easily swivel around the ball and block modest attempts. The shorti is a dribbling stick with a little bend. Players in the assault line typically employ this.

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