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Have you been burning candles, casting spells, and chasing from psychic to psychic for weeks, months, or even years, knowing that he or she loves you — and yet you still can’t make any real or significant progress toward complete, lasting fulfillment, marriage, or peace in the home?

The problem may not be the spell-work —

it may be that the two of you are literally “star-crossed lovers.” Yes, even soulmates can fall victim to the troubling influences of transiting astral bodies, resulting in a condition everyone has heard about, but few know how to diagnose — and fewer still know how to fix! It’s not just a matter of “Sun signs,” either:

Questions such as “Does he love me?”, “Will we ever marry?”, “Are she and Hoodoo Psychic Deacon Millett destined to divorce or can we save our marriage?” are all easily answered by a trained astrologer who looks at the crucial relationships between the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars that influence not only how much you love one another but also the WAYS in which you love one another and, yes, can hurt each others’ vulnerable feelings.

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Have you been to a psychic and were told that your relationship is NOT crossed and that no enemy rootwork is holding you back — but he STILL won’t marry you, or she still won’t settle down?

Love and commitment are two different things, and a Compatibility Star Chart will show you what’s gone wrong.

A trained astrological root doctor can prepare the prescriptive and remediating Astro-talismans, oils, and altar work that will counteract the effects of planetary conflicts and star-crossed conditions, opening the way to renewed love and hope.

If you are doing love and romance spells, reconciliation work, marriage or peaceful home spells, or working to resolve marital and family differences, you should request a full Partnership Report before we begin the conjuring process. Reconciliation work is a specialty since my own seven-year partnership survived a disastrous beginning and initial breakup.

I am always willing to share the spells and prayer work it took to get things back on track. Of particular power in matters of Love, Business, and Legal entanglements are my Honey Jar Spells, learned on the premises of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company under the wise counsel of miss Cat Yronwode.

Mr. Deacon Millett history

Deacon Millett is on the Board of Bishops of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church as well as a minister at Four Altars, a Gospel Sanctuary. Here I provide an absolutely discreet candle-burning spell service for those whose lives require ongoing protection and prayer. Furthermore, Over one hundred candle types are now offered for a variety of conditions in four areas —

Love, Finance, Blessing, and Cursing.

If your husband, wife, children, parents, or friends must not see altar work in your home. Or what you are working for, I can help. All petitions are confidential and all candle reports are sent to you by private email. Your candle work will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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