The largest comprehensive education exhibition

“EDIX Kansai”, an exhibition in the field of Certificate 4 In Information Technology where up to 140 companies from western Japan gather, will be held at INTEX Osaka from June 15th to 17th, 2022. Planning and management are RX Japan. Free admission by applying for an advance ticket.

Which will be held for the fifth time in 2022, will be held mainly in western Japan. An exhibition in the field of education in Certificate 4 In Information Technology for people involved in education.

At the venue, you can experience demonstrations and mock lessons on products. And services that address various issues, such as improving the environment. So the on-site network and education on information ethics. Products can be compared at once, and on-site issues and information can be exchanged directly.

The challenges of realizing the school

There are about 140 exhibiting companies. First, I would like to introduce 6 notable services and products. So that can address the challenges of realizing the school concept. The first product to watch is the “MetaMoJi Class Room,” a lesson support app. So that allows you to grasp the learning situation in real-time. You can edit it as if you were writing it on paper and create lesson notes. According to lesson scenarios such as simultaneous learning, individual learning, and group learning.

The second is the wireless LAN solution “Ruckus”. It prevents the burden of not being able to connect to the network and realizes the construction of a reliable wireless LAN network. The third is the account management tool “School Shuttle”. Student accounts can be managed collectively just by operating Microsoft Excel, and since they are managing on a school-by-school basis, security risks can be reduced.

Faculty and Staff Training

The fourth is a school-compatible Windows PC propose by Microsoft. It realizes high-speed startup and intuitive operation and support. Because learning with features such as size and lightness. So that children can have, a long-lasting battery, and robustness. The fifth is “Faculty and Staff Training e-Learning,” which is a teaching material that summarizes points and measures that should note at school sites. You can learn IT literacy skills such as information security, personal information security, and copyright protection. The sixth is the cloud-based information ethics teaching material “Help Net Cloud”. You can experience posting comments, reactions, images, slogans, etc. In a safe environment, limit the school.

Next, I would like to introduce four notable products of “digital teaching materials.” So that is becoming more and more necessary due to the promotion of ICT education. The first is the Mana Bridge Drill, a digital drill that specializes in teaching each student. We have a lineup of five subjects from small to high. You can get data on the actual learning situation for each student. The second is “ELST,” an ICT English teaching material that allows you to learn four English skills by scoring AI. When you pronounce it, feedback is display immediately. So you can practice the output that is essential for learning English repeatedly.

Capture the information

The third is “Monoxer,” a learning app that enables knowledge acquisition and memory retention using AI. All you have to do is capture the information you want to learn. The necessary problems will be automatically generate. The fourth is “Quest Cloud,” a cloud VR digital science teaching material. So that allows you to experiment and observe. But science at any time in an online environment. It can use for online learning, home learning, and face-to-face learning. So on an electronic blackboard by using a tablet or personal computer.

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