The Pros and Cons of Pursuing An MBA In 2022

As a result, there is an increasing demand for well-polished professionals in the field of business. Most professionals even believe that pursuing an MBA is the next logical phase in their career progression. No wonder more students are seen to seek MBA essay writing services than it is imagined to be.

However, certain people could even wonder if an MBA is worthwhile with time and financial efforts. Keep reading to know the advantages and disadvantages of an MBA program to make an informed decision.


  1. Helps In Career Progression

A close look at the reputed forums where you buy college papers will help you understand that career progression is one of the key benefits of pursuing an MBA. Certain companies want to see their management level employees possess the accreditation. People who lack MBA often experience a glass ceiling where they find it challenging to move to higher level positions.

Studies have also demonstrated that MBA graduates are more likely to secure top management positions in Fortune 500 companies than other employees.

  • Helps In Mastering Managerial Skills

Most people who apply for an MBA do so as they aim to move into management but feel they lack the essential skills to do so. An MBA program offers you the opportunity to master skills to deal with real-life situations managing other employees. Further, you also learn to use your role as a manager to advance the company’s goal as a whole.

  • Opportunity To Switch Careers

Most people who study for an MBA do so as they need to switch into either a financial or consulting industry following their graduation. Holding an MBA degree opens up countless opportunities in the industries that may not otherwise be available to students with different educational or career backgrounds.

One of the key reasons the salaries of MBA graduates are significantly higher than the national average is the excellent chance to enter into a more lucrative industry due to the qualification.


  1. Opportunity Cost

One of the disadvantages of pursuing an MBA is that it can be incredibly expensive. Apart from the tuition fees (£15,000 to £70,000), housing, and health insurance to a full-time. MBA program will imply you’re not making any money while you are in school.

  • Time Commitment

If the words of top stalwarts of eminent MBA essay writing services are anything to go by, studying for an MBA takes a maximum of two years full time and a minimum of one year, based on the program and country you are studying in. If you’re undertaking an MBA part-time, the qualification can take even longer to earn.  

Students must ask themselves if MBA is the right career path for them and whether they can make the commitment. This would enable them to understand whether MBA is worth their time and effort!


It comes with downsides too. In today’s post, go through the pros and cons of pursuing an MBA to make a sound choice. Wish you all the luck!

AUTHOR BIO: Alley John is an English professor at one of the most reputed institutions in the UK. He is also a part of, one of the UK’s top-ranked college paper essay writing services

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